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> Mountain or après-ski shoes that hold the ankle (waterproof is better!)

   (avoid the moon boots)


> Clothing adapted to breathable conditions;

T-shirt or T-shirtsleeves long with or without zip, fleece, down jacket,  Goretex / or waterproof).

Water-repellent pantsnt or waterproof, sticky underneath in case of cold

> Gloveslight or hot and/ormitten (Spare gloves)

Hat or other covering the head and ears, 

Round of blow, type "Buffalo" 

> Psmall backpack with a drink, cereal bars, sunglasses and cream... the camera to remember them!

> Epossiblybusinessspare that you can leave in the Guide’s minibus

> Your Snowshoe Guide offers you a hot drink each time you go out

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