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At your own pace, alone or in a small group,

discover the hidden aspects of our valley

without any organizational concern.

Pick up from your hotel or residence

by the Guide

A Tailor-Made Escape to Large Natural Areas.


Includes loan of snowshoes & sticks in the delivery

Snowshoeing 1/2 Day and with family    Rate € 180.00
Morning or Afternoon   -   Up to 5 people

Snowshoeing 1/2 Day                                 Rate  € 240.00
Morning or Afternoon   -   From 6 to 8/12 people

Snowshoeing Day                                       Rate € 310.00
Méribel Valley   -   Up to 5 people
Other destinations

Snowshoeing Day                                      Rate € 370.00
Méribel Valley   -   From 6 to 8/12 people
Other destinations


Alpine Snowshoe  1/2 day                       Rate  € 290.00
Good level of Snowshoeing  -   Up to 8 people
Morning or afternoon

Alpine Snowshoe  daytime                     Rate  € 420.00
Sports racket  -   Up to 8 people
Méribel Valley or Other Destinations

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